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Loans for farm land are loans used to finance the purchase of a full-time farm, machinery, and to help offset financial setbacks. Farm loans can be obtained either through a commercial bank chain, through private commercial lenders, or if all else fails, through the government under the Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency.

Farm loans may be similar in down payment amount and duration to a typical mortgage loan. As with all other loans, and even if attempting to secure the financing from the government, the same standard rules will apply. The value of the farm land and any anticipated improvements should be considered by the lender, as well as the borrower's ability to pay the loan back over time.

Hobby farm loans are also available from a number of financial institutions for people wishing to build their home on the farm land and expect a supplemental income from their farming activities on the side. Hobby farms are not typically designed to provide a main source of income. However, lenders do like to see that the property they are financing will also be producing an income at the same time. Rather than with raw land or vacant land loans, this gives the lender an added improvement which contributes to the land's overall value. In other words, they have less to lose of the borrower defaults. There are plenty of avenues to finance your farm land, whether full-time or simply as a hobby.