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Rural land financing encompasses loans which may include farm and agriculture, loans for ranches, or just any vacant or raw piece of land without any improvements or utilities. It may help to be a little more specific in narrowing your focus as to which kind of loan you will need based on how you intend to use the land.

If the property has no utilities, limited access, or you don't plan on constructing on it in the near future, you probably fall into the category of a borrower seeking a "raw land loan". If the land already has partial development or some utilities and other improvements but is no longer being used, then it's likely your rural piece of land will fall into the "Vacant Land Loan" category.

Whether residential or commercial, if you do plan to build a house or other structure on the rural land, such as a country home, farm house, warehouse, or anything else, then your rural piece of land might be financed through a "construction loan" which will cover the cost of building and other improvements to the land. Rural land can also be a great investment, but just realize that the harder it is to improve the land’s value or use it to produce income or something else of value, the more difficult it might be to find financing for it.