Our Process

Contact & Apply

We are happy to discuss qualifications, loan options, and current rates with you. The first step to receiving a loan is to complete an online application. Once we receive your application, our specialists start collecting the necessary information and documentation to process your loan.

Processing & Pre-Approval

After we receive your application and necessary documentation, we pull reports and analyze data. This step is to ensure you meet all qualifications for one of our loansIf all requirements are met, we issue a pre-approval.


Once you receive pre-approval, we prepare your loan package for review by our in-house underwriting team. Our underwriting specialists may ask for clarification or additional items, as needed, before the final submission to the lender. Additional information required can be specific to your situation and local regulations.


Independent appraisers from our nationwide network of ARA Certified Appraisers submit bids, the best of which we present to you. From our selection, you choose an appraiser and timeline that best fits your needs. We then contract your chosen appraiser, after you pay the associated fee.


As soon as all terms are met by the lender, the loan is rate locked. Once the closing documents and funds receive approval, we send them to your local title company. After the documents are signed, the money is dispersed to the parties, completing your transaction.

Loan Servicing

In addition to handling any questions or concerns regarding your loan, we remain your service representative throughout the duration of your loan. If you would like to make changes, such as increase your line of credit, make payments, or receive financial advice, we are here to help.