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— Credit Score —

A credit score of 700 or better is required of all borrowers.

— Loan Amount —

LandLoans.com currently offers loans from $200,000 – $4,000,000.

To inquire about additional loan programs or larger amounts, please visit FarmLoans.com or give us a call at (866) 929-5585.

-5 Acre Minimum Property Size-

We cannot currently finance properties under 5 acres. (exceptions based on gross annual ag receipts > $5k)

— Maximum LTV —

$200k – $500k: 75%
$500k – $3 million: 65%
$3 – $4 million: 55%

Loan-to-Value (LTV) is the size of your Loan, relative to the property’s appraised value. For example, if you are purchasing a property, for 1,000,000.00, the most amount we can lend is 750,000.00, which is 75% LTV.


• Security must be agricultural land and improvements must be under 50% of total value. Equipment cannot be collateralized. 

• Livestock, development, and special-use facilities.

Cash-out up to $1,000,000 is permitted.

• Not currently accepting Hemp related applications.

• Limits on structural improvements contributory value. 

*Subject to change. All loans are subject to credit approval and eligibility determinations.

What People Are Saying

Aaron Montgomery and his team which includes Nina Lukach, were professional, organized and courteous throughout the application process. They brought a positive attitude and dedication which produced positive results and we are greatly appreciative. I would highly recommend their services.

-Cyndi Tordiglione

This was an excellent team to work with during the entire process. They are professional, polite & straight to the point. They really help me to realize how trite and ineffective other lenders practices have become. I thank them and encourage others to consider their 21st century approach! Good job.

-Ellis Hayek